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Design and 3D Printing Services in Metals, Plastics and Ceramics for Automotive, Aerospace, Medical and Jewelry Industries and the Hobbyist Market

About Us

3D PLAST has fast grown to become a leading provider of plastic and metal 3D Printing in Europe. Our main focus is on improving the efficiency of design, tooling and manufacturing processes to deliver a high quality and cost effective 3D Printing service, from one-off prototypes to low-volume production parts.

In addition to our 3D Printing services, we assist and advice our Customers in choosing the right materials, processes and finishing options that best suit their specific requirements.

For those Customers who are unfamiliar with 3D CAD Design, we can provide a tailored Design service to define and create a 3D model of you parts starting from a sketch, a picture or an existing sample. With our range of 3D scanners we can reverse engineering large components as well as tiny parts requiring a high level of details.


Our Mission Statement

"Our aim is to become your first choice for 3D Printing services and low productions requirements. We will always support your requirements using the latest technologies in 3D Printing to provide a fast and efficient service at the best price"


Metal 3D printing - Steel, Bronze

Plastic 3D printing - PA, ABS, PP

Stereolithography - UV Epoxy

Ceramic 3D printing - Plasters

Full colour 3D printing - Plastic

Casting - PU, Epoxy, White Metals

Precious Metals - Gold, Silver


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3D CAD design from drawings

3D Laser Scanning

Product Design